Liposuction, also known as ‘liposculpture’, is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat from different parts of the body using suction.  The majority of patients are treated under local anaesthetic with oral sedation.  


The liposuction can be done on its own after infiltrating tumescent solution on it′s own or laser assisted.



At the consultation you must express your real concerns and ask questions. Jointly we will agree what the possible outcome is. You will be offered a second consultation, free of charge, so that procedures can be explained and all questions answered.


Preparation Prior to Surgery

You will be advised to take Arnica tablets one week prior to surgery. You will be sent a prescription for antibiotics and steroids along with instructions. It is advisable not to smoke at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to surgery. If you are on any medication please listen to the instructions given to you. Avoid medication such as Vitamin C and other homeopathic medication which may have an impact on post surgical bleeding. Have a shower on the day of surgery.



This can be carried out under a local anaesthetic, local anaesthetic with oral or intravenous sedation or full general anaesthetic.


After skin marking of the area to be treated, a local anaesthetic solution (called tumescent solution) is infiltrated into the fatty plane. After a period of delay stab incisions will be made in a pre planned position. In laser liposuction a tiny laser fibre is inserted into the fatty plane and moved back and forth and the area will get heated which will result in melting the fatty layer to some degree. Once uniform warmth is achieved on the treating area a 2mm cannula is inserted and the fat is aspirated with a gentle movement. At the end of the suction process the laser fibre is again inserted so that the dermal area is heated which will act to stop any bleeding points as well as aiding in contracting and rejuvenating the dermal structure. The stab incisions will be repaired with sutures. Subsequently a support garment will be placed which has been selected for your size.


In small areas the melted fat will be left alone to be absorbed by the body with no need for lipo aspiration.


In standard liposuction there is no laser fibre inserted to melt the fatty layer. Instead the 2mm cannula is inserted on its own and the liposuction is carried out in a to and fro fashion. At the end of the treatment the area will be repaired and a suitable garment will be applied.


Post Surgery

A snug pressure garment is applied at the end of the procedure. You will be given instruction about the medication. It would be of benefit if you can leave the garment in situ for 48 hours.


Will it last?

Fat cells are thought not to be regenerated in adult life. The removal by liposuction, therefore, will usually give a permanent change in contour in the treated area however there is no guaranteed outcome.


What are the Limitations?

It is important for you to understand that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or to reduce the waist size. In our clinic we maintain a maximum of 2 litre aspiration protocol at any one time. It is therefore not possible to slim down an area as much as you might like.

What are the Complications?The vast majority of patients do not run into problems however you should bear in mind the following possible complications:



Although the results of liposuction are often good it is not realistic to expect perfection. Liposuction is only a contouring process and it is not a weight reduction process nor does it have any effect on underlying muscle strength or tightening.

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